1. Is ATV a Public or Private organization?

ATV is a government-sponsored enterprise with funding for primary infrastructure and business operations to aid takeoff and attainment of financial and operational independence arising out of the participation of the Private Sector and other development partners.

2. What has ATV accomplished since inception?

ATV has designed and operationalized a suitable organizational structure under which fundamental initiatives have been undertaken. These include:

  • Masterplan improvement to allow for clustered, phased and sustainable development. The improved Plan was produced, led by Rogers StirkHabour + Partners of the United Kingdom and accompanied by a very comprehensive Green Book that comprises an Urban Design Manual, Sustainable Development Guidelines and, Building and Construction Codes
  • Ongoing primary infrastructure development at the sizeable STP/SEZ greenfield site
  • Strategies for stakeholders’ engagement guided by several inputs such as a Development Brief produced by Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Robust Procedures and Operational Guidelines gazetted by the Federal Government of Nigeria. This contains procedures for establishing business in Abuja Technology Village, importation and exportation, visa applications, banking operations, etc
  • Tested process requirements with relevant Government agencies including Export Processing Zones Authority, Customs, Immigration, etc
  • Membership with the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP) and many related engagements with peers in the STP industry
  • Launched technology business incubation program, ‘enspire’
  • Packaged and about to launch several investment programs listed under the ‘What we offer’ section of this website
  • Signed memoranda of understanding with various delivery partners for jointly undertaking programs

3. Will land be sold in the Science and Technology Park?

Land in the Science and Technology Park is not offered on freehold but short-term to medium-term leasehold and joint venture under Development Agreements

4. How will the Science and Technology Park development be funded?

A launch phase has been packaged and is to be developed with:

  1. catalyst funds from government
  2. patient capital from development partners
  3. investments by the Private Sector
  4. income generated/raised through ATV’s operations

5. Who are ATV’s shareholders?

ATV’s subscribers are ATV Foundation Limited by Guarantee (mainly) and the Federal Capital Territory Administration represented by the Federal Capital Development Authority and Abuja Investments Company Limited

6. How can one invest/participate in the Science and Technology Park development?

Clients may choose to participate as:

  • Sub-developers with capacity for large scale infrastructure and real estate developments
  • Developers of build-to-suit facilities for own use
  • Developers of facilities to lease out
  • Investors in collective investments scheme
  • Framework partners for the provision of technical services
  • Incubates under business incubation program
  • Contributors in corporate social responsibility through ATV Foundation
  • Enrollees of impending skills mobilization portal