Among the principles guiding the evolution of Abuja Technology Village are to:

  • Be the best large-scale Green project in Nigeria;
  • Have significant international participation while developing local talent base;
  • Attract confident Private Sector participation on a level playing field;
  • Have high occupancy rate on facilities as trigger for gradual expansion;
  • Provide value adding services to attract and retain tenants over their entire growth trajectories;
  • Be a reputable global brand; and,
  • Continually align with global trends in STP/SEZ development.

Business Aims:

Our key business aims are to:

  • Create a Green community with local content, low emission targets, etc;
  • Set excellent development standards for infrastructure and real estate for the long-term project life cycle and continually align same with international best practices;
  • Ensure that all stakeholders (developers, operators and others) within the STP/SEZ comply with the project development plans and operating guidelines; and,
  • Ensure that adequate business processes are designed and suitable systems are deployed for efficient and effective service delivery to our clients.