Abuja Technology Village Science and Technology Park (STP) and Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is located in the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja), Nigeria. The STP is poised to become Africa’s preferred destination for technology research, incubation, development and commercialisation across four (4) focus sectors of Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology, Minerals Technology and Energy Technology. The Park offers a balanced lifestyle environment for business operations with competitive advantage, access to Africa’s largest consumer market, proximity to every part of Nigeria and easy access to key global destinations.

Abuja Technology Village presents a unique opportunity to develop a very strong knowledge base that will contribute to reducing Nigeria’s economic dependence on hydrocarbon resources and to consistent national development agenda of Job Creation and Wealth Generation.

The Project site, where primary infrastructure construction works are in an advanced stage, is strategically located adjacent the Nelson Mandela Institution’s African University of Science and Technology and close to other Science and Technology Institutions. The institutions collectively create a huge economic cluster along a prospective ‘superhighway’ connecting the Abuja City Centre and Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport.

The Abuja Technology Village masterplan sets out to create an environment built to the highest global standards of design, construction and sustainability. Key to this concept is the development of commercial, retail, mixed-use and residential facilities within a sizeable Green Space setting. The Green Space comprises natural vegetation and habitats as well as contemporary urban landscape features encompassing outdoor recreational facilities.

ATV is a Member of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP); the global network for STPs that drives growth, internationalization and effectiveness for their members. The Association was established in the 1980s and now has over 400 members representing over 70 countries.