What do women like about men?

This topic is relevant because men often suffer from low self-esteem and self-doubt. Most men are afraid to ask a girl out on a date, and even just talk on the street. But many problems they are removed if you work on yourself and your personal qualities. To do this, you just need to develop the qualities that attract women to yourself. Let's take a closer look at these qualities.

1. Ability to make decisions.

For a woman, it is important that you make the decision in different situations. For example, when your relationship is just beginning, you will choose where to invite her. Or, let's say you make a quick and correct decision in a difficult situation. You will show yourself to be a strong and confident man, and this is exactly what attracts women.

2. Courtesy.

You will definitely like it a girl, if you have good manners. Women like it when you open the door for her, help her take off her coat, and just take care of her. Do not forget to say a lot of sincere compliments, this is an important part. Just do not squeeze them out of yourself, but speak from the heart. A girl will always appreciate your attitude attention.

3. Optimism and a healthy attitude to life.

People in a good mood always attract. It is clear that everyone has a lot of problems in their life, but it is important to treat them lightly. A woman will like you if you make jokes and lighten the atmosphere.

4. Generosity.

This it does not mean that a man should have a lot of money. But if he counts every penny, the woman will notice it and it will be unpleasant for her. You can give her flowers from the flower bed in the most original way, compose a song yourself, or invite her to the museum. The moment of your attention and the desire to spend time with her is important for a girl time.

5. Charisma.

This is one of the main qualities of a leader and those who have it are able to lead people. Many people believe that charisma is either natural or not. But in fact, it is possible to develop charisma in yourself. You need to be energetic, friendly and have good oratorical skills. This trait is quite attractive for girls, because it is important for them to see a leader, a successful person next to them.

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