How to properly flirt with guys

A flirtation.

Flirt! Surely, when you hear this word, it causes you positive emotions, because each of us throughout our lives, in one way or another, shows such a flirtatious behavior model to attract attention a partner. What are the characteristics of girls when they start flirting with the opposite sex? Let's discuss with you the techniques of flirting used in practice, which fuel interest and give you the opportunity to get vivid impressions of mutual energy.

7 Successful rules of flirting

  1. Undoubtedly - smile! After all, a smile is the best thing in a person! People who know how to smile simply fascinate and attract you like a magnet. And if you smile at a guy, he takes this signal as your willingness to have a nice conversation with him.
  2. Use perfume! We all know that odors can control your mood. consciousness. First, it will inspire confidence in you personally when communicating, because you feel a pleasant aroma on yourself, and secondly, it can also hint to the interlocutor that they want to seduce him or just plunge into a fun game called "flirting".
  3. Make eyes! Every girl knows this expression. And there is nothing vulgar in this gesture, on the contrary, the opposite sex will appreciate that the girl knows how to shoot her eyes: then stare intently, then lower them down, then take them aside....
  4. If you want to win over the man of your dreams, then a conquering flirtation is appropriate. And in this case, clothing and accessories can help. accessories. Feel free to try on figure-hugging dresses and stilettos. Such a challenge will not leave any representative of the stronger sex indifferent.
  5. Don't talk like the radio, changing one topic after another and trying to give away everything you've heard over the past week. It is better to remain a mystery girl, answer in a few words, while choosing a velvety timbre of the voice. The voice is also a weapon for a girl, with the help of which you can interest a man sexually.
  6. When the "game has already started", do not forget about gestures and poses. You should look so that you emphasize the advantages of your figure. You can touch your hair with your hands, cross your legs or repeat the other person's pose.
  7. And finally: a little praise. What man doesn't like to be judged on his own merits? Say nice words to him in a nice voice, and even if it will be a little flattery, then in this situation it is only in the name of good!