Some of the requirements for doing business in Abuja Technology Village are:

  1. Expression of Interest
    Applications for undertaking Approved Activities in Abuja Technology Village are to be made by interested parties via a soon-to-be-launched online Business Portal. In the meantime, enquiries on areas of interest may be sent through following which a questionnaire will be issued to suitable applicants to assess details of their expressions of interest.
  2. Establishment of Free Zone Enterprise
    Companies accepted to undertake Approved Activities must establish Free Zone Enterprises following laid down procedures. The procedures are contained in the Regulations, 2012 and supporting Welcome Pack which contains other information and application forms.
  3. Licence
    Free Zone Enterprises can only commence operations after being issued applicable Licences by ATV.
  4. Schedule of Fees
    Licensed Free Zone Enterprises are issued a schedule by ATV indicating the fees for all services to be rendered to them.
  5. Procedure and Operational Guidelines
    Licensed Free Zone Enterprises must adhere to all regulations governing operations in Abuja Technology Village.